Patrice Hinton Oswalt, Ed.S., LPC/MHSP - Licensed Professional Counselor/Career Counselor
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"I'm experiencing high stress and anxiety at home and at work, and its become unmanageable.  I saw a counselor in the past, but it didn't help.  I don't want to go through the process unsuccessfully again.  Can you help?"  

Yes!  More than "you talk, I listen" - counseling with a purpose!

I've heard this from several people who contact me for counseling services.  Most of us do not have the option to walk away from our job and life when the pressures become too great.  Help is available.  I bring over 12 years of experience to my personal and career counseling practice. We are the same person at home that we are at work.  I am able to diagnose and treat multiple mental health issues and help you create balance in your life. Working together we contract to focus your efforts toward self improvement.  I can not change you, but I can help create the environment for change - coupling your desire to change with the appropriate intervention.  I approach our relationship by asking "if I helped you today, what would it look like?", providing counseling with a purpose!
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